The Buddha’s Words

First published in 1989 as Buddha Vacana: Daily Readings from the Sacred Literature of Buddhism, copyright S. Dhammika 1989.

Revised edition 2011, © S. Dhammika 2011


All references are to the volume number (Roman numerals) and page number (Arabic numerals) or where appropriate, to verse numbers, of the Pali Text Society’s editions of the Tipitaka and its commentaries. A reference with an asterisk indicates words spoken by someone other than the Buddha.

A Anguttara Nikaya
Cp Cariyapitaka
Cp-a Cariyapitaka Atthakatha
Dhs Dhammasangani
Dhp Dhammapada
Dhp-a Dhammapada Atthakata
It Itivuttaka
Ja Jataka
M Majjhima Nikaya
Mil Milandapanha
Pmj Paramatthajotika
S Samyutta Nikaya
Sn Sutta Nipata
Th Theragatha
Thi Therigatha
Ud Udana
Vibh Vibhanga
Vin Vinaya
Vism Visuddhimagga