The Broken Buddha


Most of this book was written in 2001 although I was still tinkering with it three years later. After its completion I hesitated for a long time about publishing it, thinking that it might do more harm than good. Eventually, an unauthorized draft appeared on the internet without either my permission or knowledge forcing me to publish the finished work. I had hoped that, if and when the book came out, to circulate it only within the Buddhist community. That is no longer possible. As it is, enough people, including a dozen or so Western monks and former Western monks, have convinced me that many of the things I have said need saying. I am fully aware that I am risking my reputation, the friendship of some people and perhaps a lot more by writing what I have and I expect to become the target of some very angry comments. My only hope is that The Broken Buddha will provoke wide-ranging, thoughtful and realistic discussion amongst Western Buddhists about the future of the Triple Gem in the West.

First published by The Nimala Group 2006

Second revised edition 2018

© Shravasti Dhammika 2006, 2018