8. In Praise of Teaching

82 Your dispensation and only yours is the true path:
its methods are pleasant, its fruits good,
it is free from faults and lovely
in the beginning, the middle and the end.[24]

83 If fools, because of their attachment to deluded views,
condemn your wonderful teaching,
then deluded views are their own worst enemy.

84 Remembering the suffering which you endured
for the sake of others, it would be good
to listen to your teachings even if they were wrong.

85 But coming from one so kind in words and deeds,
how much more should your teachings be practiced
with all the vigor one would use to remove
a blazing turban from one’s head .

86 Freedom, the joy of enlightenment,
praiseworthy virtues and peace:
these four benefits are all gained from your teaching.

87 O Great Hero, your teachings brought trembling to sectarians,
misery to Namuci, but rejoicing to both gods and men.[25]

88 Even the rule of Death, which extends
without impediment or obstacle over the triple world,
has been crushed by your teaching.[26]

89 For those who fathom your teachings can live an aeon
if they so desire, but freely they depart
to the realm where death cannot tread.[27]

90 Only in your dispensation is time divided
for studying the scriptures, pondering their meaning
and practicing meditation.

91 What is more distressful than this, Great Sage,
that some people do not revere your teaching,
full of goodness as it is?