5. In Praise of Form

52 Lovely yet calming, bright but not blinding, gentle
yet strong. Who would not be inspired just to see you?

53 The joy one feels on beholding you for the first time
does not diminish even after seeing you a hundred times.

54 Each time it is seen, your form gives joy;
its beauty is such that one is never satisfied.

55 Your body is worthy as a receptacle
and your virtues are worthy as occupants.
Both are excellent in themselves
and both complement each other perfectly.

56 Where else could the virtues of a Tathagata
be so well housed as in your body,
shining as it does with auspicious marks and signs?[15]

57 Your body seems to say to your virtues:
“I am blessed to have you,”
and your virtues seem to respond:
“Where better could we dwell?”