4. In Praise of Wonders

42 Your victory over Mara evokes wonder in people
but considering your great virtues
I think this is but a minor thing.[13]

43 Even those who lash out in fury to assault you
are not a heavy burden for your patience to bear
housed as it is in such a worthy vessel.

44 What is truly wondrous is this:
after you conquered Mara, on that same night
you were able to conquer your own defilements.

45 He who is amazed at your victory over opponents,
might well be amazed at the sun for dispelling the darkness
with its garland of a thousand rays.

46 You have overcome three things with three things:
passion with passionlessness,
anger with love,
and ignorance with wisdom.

47 Good deeds you praise, bad deeds you blame,
but towards those who act thus
you are free from any “for” or “against.”

48 Is any praise high enough for you
whose mind transcends
attachment to the noble and dislike for the ignoble?[14]

49 You did not cling to virtue
nor yearn for those who were virtuous.
Ah! See the purity of this most tranquil being!

50 How permanently calm your mind is can be known
by seeing how unalterably calm your senses are.

51 Even the foolish acknowledge the purity of your mind.
The goodness of your words and deeds
reflects your pure thoughts.