1. Invocation

1 No faults in any way are found in him;
All virtues in every way dwell in him.

2 To go to him for refuge, to sing his praise,
to do him honor and to abide in his Dharma
is proper for one with understanding.

3 The only Protector,
his faults are gone without residue.
The All-knowing One,
his virtues are present without fail.

4 Even the most spiteful man
cannot with justice find fault
in the thoughts, words or deeds of the Lord.

5 To be born human and encounter the great joy
of the good Dharma is a chance rarer than
a turtle thrusting its neck through a yoke
floating freely in the great ocean.

6 So how could I not put voice to good use now,
for it is impermanent and may soon be liable to change.

7 Though I know that the Sage’s virtues
are beyond all human calculation,
still I will recount a portion of them,
if only for my own delight.

8 Homage to you, O Self-developed One
whose good works are many and wondrous,
whose virtues are too numerous and awesome to define.

9 Their number? They are infinite.
Their nature? Words must fail.
But to speak of them bestows great good, so I shall speak much.